News from Kego Orphanage in Onjinyo, Kenya


Philemon Visits Colorado and Supplies Shipped to Onjinyo!

We have exciting news from Colorado and for Onjinyo! 2 pond liners and a collection of desks and school supplies have been sent out to Onjinyo, Kenya to help with building a flow through system to irrigate earth gardens. This will be a more cost-effective solution than aquaponics that will be more easily reproducible andContinue Reading »

KEGO Goals for 2018: How IAGI Give Back Program can Help

As Director of the IAGI Give Back Program John Heap is calling on members of IAGI and Geosynthetic professionals to donate a percentage of their profits from a good year in geosynthetics toward helping the less fortunate in Africa. The Rippling Waters Charity uses geosynthetic materials to help bring food and resource independence to areasContinue Reading »