News from Kego Orphanage in Onjinyo, Kenya


KEGO- December 2019 Update

  IAGI and Rippling Waters Charity continues support of the KEGO Orphanage In 2015 the trade group representing the International Association of Geosynthetic Installers (IAGI) began their Give Back Program. The first project was an Orphanage near Lake Victoria which had been started by Philemon Onyango. Philemon had been supporting the school from his ownContinue Reading »

Philemon Visits Colorado and Supplies Shipped to Onjinyo!

We have exciting news from Colorado and for Onjinyo! 2 pond liners and a collection of desks and school supplies have been sent out to Onjinyo, Kenya to help with building a flow through system to irrigate earth gardens. This will be a more cost-effective solution than aquaponics that will be more easily reproducible andContinue Reading »

KEGO Goals for 2018: How IAGI Give Back Program can Help

As Director of the IAGI Give Back Program John Heap is calling on members of IAGI and Geosynthetic professionals to donate a percentage of their profits from a good year in geosynthetics toward helping the less fortunate in Africa. The Rippling Waters Charity uses geosynthetic materials to help bring food and resource independence to areasContinue Reading »